A powerful 24kW gas heater, PRO24, for fast and safe heating of hot tubs and more. The capacity is 10l/min and 25°C increase in temperature between the incoming and outgoing water. It gives a rise of 15°C/h to 1000 l water.
  • Nominal power 24 kW.
  • Gas consumption 1.6kg/h.
  • CE certified.
  • The fuel used is LPG (propane) with 30 mbar operating pressure.
  • Natural gas (methane) 20 mbar operating pressure can also be used.
  • Can be used for water heating in eg hot tub, hot water for showers, dish washing, etc.

The heater has automatic ignition, this requires a water flow of at least 7l/min to be activated. For connection to a hot tub we have a set consisting of a pump, transformer 230/24 V, hose, in-and outbound connections. If the flow stops, the gas is shut off automatically. The same happens if the outgoing water for any reason becomes warmer than 75 ° C or if the flame goes out. The stove has a digital temperature display for incoming water.

A practical protective box is available as accessory for the gas heater that protect it from wind and rain. The front part is detachable during use. The box has a fire proof material behind the stove and sides. Above the heater there's a tilted fire proof part moving the heat outwards.